The vinyl sheets are produced in 150mm, 200mm and 300mm thick and 4m long with decorative motifs that are applied to the wall with special glue. They are produced in 32 colors and can be applied with other building materials, 1M wide, 3M long and 2mm thick. These vinyl sheets are used in buildings such as hospitals and shopping centers as well as in corridors providing perfect protection. Thanks to their anti-bacterial and anti-fire characteristics, they are suitable for safe application. In each joint, a 3 mm joint must be left for expansion, which will be filled with silicone or a welding wire after 48 hours of its application. In addition, they can be used in conjunction with CWG150 and CWG100.

CGW 1004 – 154 – 204 – 304

The CWG 1004 system is 1000 mm wide. Protects and preserves the construction of interior walls against wear. These inexpensive cards are installed quickly and simply. They are produced in 32 different colors and are 3 meters long
CWG plates 154 – 204 – 304 are 150, 200 and 300 mm wide. protects and preserves building interiors from damage and impact wear. These inexpensive cards are installed quickly and simply.
It is produced in lengths of 4 meters and in 32 different colors.

CDG Series Door Impact Vinyl Plates

The decorative plates of the CDG series are designed to protect doors. The compatibility design of the location is maintained by the vinyl wall and the corner protections of the same color. Provides total protection by hygienic and antibacterial structure. Although standard dimensions exist, the new dimensions can also be developed based on the project specifications. Especially used in hospitals, schools, offices and commercial locations. Produced in lengths of 4 meters and 32 different colors.


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