Expansion joints for floors have a very important function which is to allow the expansion and contraction of floors. Precisely for this reason, its use is of fundamental importance when it comes to laying floors with large areas and dimensions.

This is a fundamental element, as a floor, floor or coating in which the floor expansion joints are not inserted will always undergo movements that, in the long term, lead to cracks and raised surfaces.

Choosing the most suitable floor expansion joint for your requirements is simple. The selection depends on the type of coating, the thermal shock and the distance between the joints themselves due to the various actions to which they are subjected (retraction, creep, uniform variation and thermal differentiation and seismic action), ensuring safety and comfort in the via and ensuring local watertightness. Placed in correspondence with the existing fractionation joint on the plate, this element is able to absorb all the vibrations transmitted by the coating.

Our technical team of engineers is available and able to help you find the best flooring solution in: garages, parking lots, shopping centers, hotels, schools, day care centers, offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, among others.

For all types of works
3 meter profiles
Pedestrian, vehicle and forklift traffic
movement capacity
From: expansion joints for floors, waterstop joints, sealing joints, fire-break joints, gaskets, joints for car parks, anti-seismic joints, industrial joints, joints for bridges and viaducts, contraction and fractionation joints, joints expansion for facades, joints for roofs and roofs, anti-vibration and noise joints, thermal insulation joints in slabs, joints for false ceilings etc...

Expansion joint profiles are used as hinged coverings for structural joints in buildings and other constructions that accommodate their movement through these joints, for example, in construction joints in concrete slabs. Buildings are designed to allow movement in response to various forces, including thermal expansion and contraction, long-term structural shrinkage, as well as seismic activity in some cases. Expansion joint profiles are installed over these movement areas called structural expansion joints, also referred to as movement joints, structural joints, insulation joints, control joints or seismic joints.

CORTARTEC expansion joint profiles are specifically designed to suit the conditions of any environment; accommodating regular thermal contraction and expansion of building materials during seasonal variation. As global temperatures rise and changes in environmental conditions become more extreme, the installation of expansion joints in buildings has become an integral and very important part of structural engineering projects.

Our continuous research in the field of innovation and the best production technologies guarantee a high level of quality in the final product. CORTARTEC’s wide range of expansion joints for construction satisfies all design needs, ensuring a wide range of choice. We develop different types of expansion joints: expansion joints for floors, expansion joints for finished floors, expansion joints for facades, exposed and plaster walls and ceilings, large floor joints in seismic areas, special watertight joints for car parks , special joints for industrial technical areas, expansion joint covers, special elastomer joints, EI120 fireproof joints, roof gaskets, support plates in nitrile, neoprene, hydro-expansive gaskets, elastic gaskets.

We design and produce specific gaskets for each project, so if you can’t find a suitable model for your case, get in touch with us….challenge us….

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