The finishing is one of the last stages of the work, and in order for it to be successfully completed, it is necessary to have all the materials for the perfect execution of the service.

More important than the price of the products is the quality and application of them, so that they are lifelong and can correspond well to the function.

Our range of finishing products, offers a wide range of solutions to meet all types of work / project offering not only design and decoration but mainly functionality and safety!

Ideal solutions for: Schools, shopping centers, hospitals, health units, homes, day centers, houses, residences, hotels, garages, warehouses, parking lots, offices, daycare centers, buildings, among others …

Our products are CE marked, technical data sheets and declaration of performance.

Floor covering solution: Skirting boards, transition profiles, step noses, entrance rugs, wood finishing profiles, etc.

The floor is an important element that is part of the construction, where each type of existing material has a determining characteristic for the space, fitting better in different areas / zones.

Wall covering solution: Wall protection, stretcher wheels, chair wheels, handrail system, ceramic trim profiles, shock protection in garages, vinyl plates, corner protection, hospital curtains etc.

The lining of the walls serves to give a finish to the part of the masonry and structures, which generally receive a layer of cement, plaster, which bring the correct leveling of the wall and protect the masonry from external contact.

Our technical team is able to evaluate and help you in the correct choice of the best solution for your project / work in order to meet your needs always at the best price.

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