Non-standard products
We are here with our discovery team to be your solution partner for your application problem areas. You can get support from us with our standard products that offer a solution for application or non-standard products that we can customize according to your need. We are assertive in finding the best solution for you through the identity of our manufacturer and almost 3000 of our existing products.

Custom Designs
If our existing products are not suitable to cover your need, it is our job to offer you a new, personalized product that will be designed just to meet your needs and wants. Our design team will present a custom product design to be created by putting your opinions first. Our team will work with you in a coordinated and quick manner on this matter and will inform you about all the technical details of this product when designing the desired product in the shortest possible time.

Custom Production and Molding
We have successfully completed the last stage of production in our molding room, molding your projects according to our discovery and design team, according to your wishes and with all your product designs. The molds are produced to be used in a stable way during the process, considering the quantity of consumption quantity and its expectation on the surface quality. In addition, molds and designs are completely yours. No mold / product designed and produced especially for you is shared with another company or person.

Fantastic premium color options
We offer you hundreds of types of RAL colors in our products with electrostatic powder painting and also matt and shiny anodizing combinations with silver, yellow, bronze, stainless steel and black colors, all produced in our own facilities. In addition, we can offer a wide range of colors to our customers with chrome and nickel in profiles up to 3 meters.

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