Aluminium step nose profiles

Using step nose profile protects the surfaces from getting slippery and abraded while completes the aesthetic apperance of overall with a stylish touch.

Aluminum stair nose profile is used  with the purpose of avoiding the ladders in open public areas from getting slippery and abraded.

Thanks to being available in different types of surface texture, Mox Aluminum step nose profile models offer a product that has a resistance against to the problems such as slippery and abraded surface by being mounted on various stepped structures. Aluminum stair nose profile with various surface and color options prevents the floor upholstery from being eroded at the stepped nose while giving a stylish and aesthetic appearance to complete the whole design of the area.

Non-slip aluminum step nose profile models applied with anti-slip screws, tapes or adhesive tapes in a stable manner; protects the stairs from damages and harms that might come from pressure while giving an aesthetic appeal to the common areas like hospitals, shopping malls, and stores.


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    Scala – The Scala Aluminium Step Nose Profile, which is used to prevent from getting both abraded and slippery on the stairways that are located in public areas, provides aesthetic appearance while avoiding the erosion of the floor upholstery with the various surface and color options.


    Scala-T – The Scala T Aluminium Stair tread for tiles, which is generally used for stair steps made from granite and ceramics to avoid the poor appearance by covering the flaws on the ceramic surfaces and to prevent damages with the shock absorbing feature of itself, works smoothly with all materials in thickness from 6 to 14 mm.


    Scala-R – The Scala R Aluminium non-slip Stair Nose Profile, which is used to prevent from getting slippery of the stair noses of the stairs placed in public areas used intensively by applying the non-slippery pvc tape, can be mounted on all kinds of step materials without any problems as being heavy and durable structure

    Stainless steel stair nose profile


    MPS-B – Stainless stair-nose profile, protects the stairs by using on the corners of stairs and covers possible mistakes on the corners. Stainless stair-nose profile is preferred in terms of security by means of it’s anti-slip feature.



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