Cortartec fixings are produced in a wide range of lengths and are applied to different types of solutions, from bricks to concrete blocks and / or others. The staifix tie range includes solutions for all types of masonry construction, from traditional masonry, mixed wood and metal structures. Masonry is commonly used on walls of buildings, walls and historic monuments. The most common blocks are ceramic and concrete. Brick blocks can be solid or hollow. Concrete blocks are always cast.

The objective is to offer resistance, seal spaces and provide acoustic and thermal protection for the building. building with masonry is the most economical and viable option.

Structural masonry

Structural masonry is the type of building system that uses masonry techniques in the building’s infrastructure. its main objective is to support the weight of the walls, the slab, the furniture and, of course, the people who will occupy the space.

It can be made with ceramic, ecological, concrete blocks …

Sealing masonry

The sealing masonry is made to support only its own weight and the load of the doors and windows installed in it, that is, it has no structural function in the building, it only works to separate the environments. therefore, the sealing masonry needs beams and pillars for its execution, another important function of the sealing masonry is to provide thermal and acoustic comfort.

Our wide range of supports, supports, fixings, ties, ties, armor, posts and rods was designed to solve all types of works / projects.

Main advantages and benefits:

Minimize modifications to the design, despite withstanding extreme loads.
without altering the surface, it allows minimal coverings, does not limit the dimensions of the grooves.
More adjustable than welded support systems
Quick and easy installation, easy handling on site

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