A ventilated facade system consists of 4 components: facade, ventilation, insulation and substructure.

To assemble these components, Cortartec developed a range of fixings, supports, anchors, among others for fixing the wall, profiles and façades.

Our fixings are designed to resist corrosion, allowing a close connection and increasing your productivity during the adjustment process.

CORTARTEC presents the best facade cladding solutions for all types of buildings – houses, buildings, buildings, among others – and different architectural styles, from classic to contemporary, from rustic to urban, designed to meet any need, always with the best result.

Our coverings are specially designed for interior and exterior structure, responding to the highest demands of the architecture and construction sectors, protecting even the facades exposed to the most adverse climatic conditions.

Our varied range of products guarantees the best results and durability. the ideal coating for perfect facades.


Easy application
High strength and durability
Reduced expansion / contraction of the material
No maintenance required
High resistance to humidity and temperature variations, even in the most adverse climatic conditions

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