Points anchors

Non-adjustable fixed anchor, of great simplicity, resistance and economy. It consists of two parts: the clamp that supports the cladding and the rod or screw embedded in the wall.
Manufactured in AISI 304/316 stainless steel, according to specifications (EN 10088-1 and EN 10088-2), they are suitable for all types of cladding, mainly for stone.
Anchorage fixation will be performed according to the type of support:

  • Fixing with epoxy resins on concrete walls.
  • Fixing with mesh and polyester resin in solid or perforated brick.
  • Available in all of our clamp models, as well as in different diameters /metrics and lengths, the choice of one or the other will be made depending on the type of coating, loads and wind conditions.

Anchor with adjustable support in 3 dimensions

Adjustable point anchor supplied with support, of great simplicity and resistance.
Made of stainless steel (AISI 304/316, according to EN 10088-1 and EN specifications

  • Thanks to its special design, the Gk support is the only one on the market that allows the total adjustment of the anchorage in the three planes.

The support has two grooves that allow the adjustment of the anchorage:

  • A horizontal slot at the top allows movements of the support to the left and right of the hole made in the wall.
  • The vertical slot in the central part of the support allows its adjustment in height and depth, the adjustment is made through the tightening game of the nut and locknut, allowing the adjustment of the coating. A pressure washer is used to prevent possible anchor slips.
  • The support Gk can support any type of fixation to the coating (hidden nail, exposed nail or pivot).
  • The choice of the type of fixation to the coating depending on the type of coating, the loads and the wind conditions.

Ancoragens especiais

We design and manufacture special clamps of any size to solve any type of project or situation.
Special anchor for the placement of a light coating, which allows a placement without practically the need for removal.
• Its simplicity and quick installation, as well as the final aesthetic result, make it one of the most used anchors in the installation of ventilated facades.




Lintel clip



Anchor for light coatings


Hidden nail


Visible nail

Scale anchor

Available in hidden and apparent nails. With this type of anchoring, the coating is superimposed vertically, producing a “fish scale” effect.
• This type of anchoring is made to measure, depending on the thickness and the overlap between the parts of the coating.




In sight – Hidden

Fixing the system

The system allows different types of fixation. The choice of one or the other system will be made depending on the nature of the walls and support structure and the load to be supported by them.


Self-expanding screw / Threaded rod


Threaded rod with mesh /

Screw with nylon bushing


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    Fixing brackets




    Masonry supports


    Facadas with substructure

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