Aluminium profiles

Perfis de transição, Perfil de transição para diferença de níveis, Perfil de rampa

Ramp transition profile

All in One – The All In One Aluminium Ramp Transition Profile, which is capable of getting all the work done by all floor transition profiles alone and exclusively produced as a Mox product, resolving the problems caused by the same or different floor coverings transition.

Perfil de transição em alumínio, Perfis em T

T-floor dividing & cover strip profile

Transt – The Transt Aluminum T-Floor Dividing & Cover Strip Profile, which provides a stylish and aesthetic look by covering the gaps between the kitchen and bathroom floors, is often preferred as a complementary element in the decoration of modern bathroom and kitchen designs.

Perfis transição para pavimentos, Perfis de transição Premium

Threshold profile

Curve – The Curvo Aluminium Threshold Profile provides an elegance look with a stylish design where the difference between transitions, usually from parquet to parquet and from the parquet to the ceramics. With the options of wood, shiny and matte, it can be applied easily to anywhere and any materials.

Perfis junta dilatação premium, juntas dilatação para pavimentos

Joint profile

Flexi – Flexi Aluminium joint profile that fills the gap between the spaces occuring in floor structure which are formed in blocks for public open areas such as shopping center, hotel and business center, provides a stylish appearance with having a wide range of color and surface options while covering the defects may be occurred in time due to its durable structure.

Stainless steel profiles

Perfis de transição para pavimentos

Stainless steel floor transition profile

MPS-E – Stainless floor transition profile / floor border, contributes for the covering the gaps on the floor and providing a decorative image by using on the passing and division points of the different surfaces on the floor. Stainless floor transition profile / floor border is mostly used in areas that need wide surfaces.

Perfil de transição com rampa, perfis de transição em aço inóx, Perfis premium

Stainless steel ramp transition profile

MPS-N – Stainless ramp transition profile, helps to remove height differences on the floors by using it on the different height floors. Also, contributes to the decoration place with different colour options.

Perfil de transição em T, prefis premium , Perfis de transição Moxdecor

Stainless steel T transition profile

MPS-TB – Stainless T transition profile, is a profile that enables the side by side usage of two different wall and floor surfaces and covers possible gaps and mistakes on the surfaces. Stainless T transition profile contributes to your decoration by complying with the surfaces with different colour options.


Stainless steel expansion profile

MPS-YD – Stainless expansion joint profile, provides the flexibility to the floor in case of possible enlargement and narrowing on the floor surface and increase the durability of the floor. Stainless expansion joint profile, is mostly preferred in areas that need wide surfaces.


The flooring profiles that are both suitable for any kind of furniture and materials and have a wide range of color options, is especially preferred as a complementary element with the design of modern bathroom and kitchen decorations.

Flooring transition profile, that are used in the places where two different type of floor coverings have been jointed, covers the damaged parts and fills the gap.

By having various surface and color options, Mox flooring profile models provides an elegance look to your place while covering the gaps that may be occurred in wide areas thanks to its durable structure.

While tile trim is preferred as a flooring profile in decorative profiles that gives an aesthetic appearance with functional usage privileges and properties for the special areas, such as kitchen and bathroom where expectations are high in both aesthetic and functional sense; Stair Nose profile is applied as floor profile in the steps which are used in public use areas such as home, business or shopping center.

With a wide range of surface and color options, Mox flooring profiles complete your decoration by adding an aesthetic look to both exterior and interior spaces.


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