STATIpile micro piles are manufactured in segments, contain one end of a threaded stainless steel bar and the other end with a threaded hole, the pilots are adjustable. 60 mm in diameter and 100 mm, aluminum alloy 0.3 AlSi7Mg. With this new light application technology it allows STATIpile installation in almost any situation.
STATIpile micropiles are immediately testable on site.

  • Why you should use STATIpile micropiles

Increasing the load capacity of foundations partially collapsed the area,
STATIpile was originally developed for statically cracked light repairs to foundation structures. In combination with the helical reinforcement system it is entirely suitable for a comprehensive overhaul of buildings that have a disturbance in the foundation structures and cracked masonry.The repair is very fast, minimally restricts the use of the building during repairs but remains accessible

New foundations for steel structures

Micro STATIpile is also applicable to guarantee tensile strength. This feature is then useful for stabilizing retaining walls, landfill navigation and where we expect traction action components (structure, cranes, telephony towers for the GSM signal). The same applies for the construction of the foundation for new buildings in inappropriate locations or underlying conditions.


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    Temporary cable anchors

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    Industrial joints


    Filling joints


    Micropile tubes and accessories

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