The boxes are designed to maintain the continuity of reinforcement at the construction joints in the cement.
The formwork design is simplified and there is no need to drill formwork. Each unit consists of a galvanized steel housing that is dimpled to provide an effective concrete connection.
4 Pre-folded bars are housed inside the box and are protected by a protective cover.
When the cover is removed, the bars can be straightened, ready to be applied over the main reinforcement.

Quality assurance

Cortartec Eazistrip has technical approval from UK CARES, TA2-5017.
The system is manufactured with the approved CARES bar. The type of reinforcement is chosen by Ancon Building Products to provide an adequate degree of ductility, ensuring that it complies with the tension requirements of BS 4449: 2005 Grade B500C after prefabrication and refolding on site. The bars are folded according to BS 8666: 2005.
Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems are suitable for use with projects carried out in accordance with BS EN 1992-1-1: 2004 (Eurocode 2) and BS 8110-1: 1997.
The specifications of the Eazistrip standard are available for download in the technical literature. Both UK and continental scale dimensions are provided.


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    Eazistrip water stop

    When the potential for water to enter through the construction joint is a major concern, Eazistrip can be supplied with a Pentaflex hydrostatic seal that provides protection against moisture permeation along the face of the joint.
    The bars must be straightened only once, using an Eazistrip flexing tool.

    Caixas de espera de armaduras, Caixas de continuidade, Armaduras de reforço, ancoragens Leviat Ancon KSN, EAZISTRIP,

    KSN anchors
    The internally threaded anchors are simply glued to the wall and, during the construction of the adjoining slab, accept continuation bars prepared with a Bartec parallel thread.
    This is a faster, easier and more secure continuity system. Eliminates formwork or concrete perforation and the dangers associated with projecting bars and straightening bars on site. It replaces hooked bars and stirrups, simplifying the scheduling of bars and minimizing congestion on the wall.
    Unlike pull-out bar systems, there is virtually no restriction on the length of the continuation bar, so the EC2 turn lengths can be accommodated, and they are available in a wider choice of bar diameters.
    Independent tests have found improvements in the performance of the anchor in connections resistant to the moment. This accessory is specific to the Ancon KSN range.

    The anchors incorporate a standard Bartec metric yarn. There are eight standard anchors in the KSN range.

    Bartec continuation bars – Anc KSN Anchors are designed for use with 12 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm diameter B500B or B500C reinforcement bar, threaded with a Bartec metric line, supplied by Ancon. It is not necessary to straighten the bar on site.

    Sistema de continuidade de armaduras de reforço, Caixas de espera, barras de continuidade, Acoragens KSN, Leviat ancon, cortartec
    Caixas de espera de armaduras, Caixas de continuidade, Armaduras de reforço, ancoragens Leviat Ancon KSN, EAZISTRIP,

    The KSN system comprises internally threaded anchors that are molded into the wall and, during the construction of the adjacent slab, accept continuation bars prepared with a parallel Bartec line. It is a faster system and, above all, safer than traditional fold continuity systems. There is no bar straightening in place and virtually no bar length restrictions, so the turn lengths of EC2 are easily accommodated. A standard wooden support allows multiple anchors to be installed simultaneously. Unlike re-folding systems where the length, spacing and diameter of the bar are restricted by physical dimensions of the box, KSN Anchors offer complete design flexibility.

    The KSN system, which includes both the anchor and the continuation bar, carries the UK CARES TA1-B Technical Approval, providing those who specify and install it to do so with the utmost confidence. KSN anchors were subjected to a comprehensive testing program, which included assessing the performance of construction joints under load and a complete audit of production facilities.


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